A true story..

I actually sent this as a postcard to John Waters...he never replied. 😳

In September 2015 while I was working on “Love Fuelled Hate” I turned to my friend AA and told him:

“I met this lady on the tube today, she told me she'd been to L.A. She was at a party with friends when she fell for a guy. They spent days getting high, making love and became totally infatuated with each other and completely inseparable.”

AA “Wait she told you this on the tube?”

Me “Yes, I know, it’s weird but she was actually really sweet, just listen…”

AA “OK go on..” 

Me “So..she was only ever meant to be in L.A. for a few weeks. And when it came to their last night together they made the most of it. But unbeknownst to her while she was sleeping he got up, took her passport and hid it.”

AA “What the fk?”

Me “Yeh, not cool. So when she got to the airport and realised her passport was missing she had no choice but to call him and ask him to come and pick her up…obviously this must have been his plan all along cause he was there within minutes, collected her, drove her out into the desert and proposed to her!”

AA “Wow that’s crazy”

Me “I know right?! What’s crazier is they pretty much got married the SAME DAY at that Kill Bill church! She said they invited 13 friends who were all super eclectic amazing artists, drag queens, actors, rock stars, a homeless friend they’d met days before and all sorts…she said I’d know some of them but she didn’t want to drop names?! “

AA laughed

Me “Anyway, she worshiped films by John Waters and the priest apparently was just like him. The wedding was electric and the party afterwards was wild, she said it would have been the best night of her life. But it took a nose dive. When she was walking past the toilets her new-husband practically fell out the door with lipstick covering his neck and someone clawing after him”

AA “What?! How does that even happen?!”

Me “yeh…I know. She said she ran away and drank herself into oblivion.”

AA “Where did she go though?”

Me “Well..she eventually had to go to the apartment they’d been staying in together to get her stuff. She said for a while she was sucked back in, she said he was so charming, but one night she couldn’t sleep so she got up and was pacing the apartment. A car drove by, the lights shone in the bathroom window and in that moment she saw her passport hidden amongst his things. She said it was like something spiritual shone a light on the truth that she’d been hiding from and finally she could see everything, and she packed up, left and got sober.”