I Understand

Bath-time production anyone?!

Bath-time production anyone?!

"I Understand" was the final song I wrote for my album and the only one that was 100% written, produced and (mostly mixed) by me. It nearly didn't make it onto the album because I didn't believe in myself enough as a producer. I didn't think my work was good enough to stand up next to the songs that "real producers" had worked on (even though I produced 95% of Shoot and co-produced everything else). But in the end the song felt too important to leave out. It sums up everything on the album for me almost bringing it full-circle to love again.

People do awful things. Sometimes it can be so difficult to get your head around why someone would hurt another human-being. Sometimes the scars someone leaves can be so deep that they seem unforgivable. But spending energy on emotions like hatred just kills you from the inside out, and filling a heart with an obsession for revenge means losing precious time to help yourself and others. I've seen so many people destroyed by hate and their unwillingness to let it go. 

"I Understand" goes out to all those people who've been hurt and are still waiting for an apology they're never going to get. It's time to move on with your life. 

Writing I Understand

I started writing "I Understand" on the piano:

I didn't want a piano ballad on the album. I wanted to experiment and see if I could make something that was electronic but still emotive. I recorded a "guide" vocal in my home-made vocal booth (out of plastic tubes and moving-rugs), then I cut it up and sampled it with my AKAI MPK mini keyboard. I did it all on my laptop for a couple of days..even with it precariously balanced while I was in the bath at one point...girl's gotta work, but girl's gotta smell good too!