Love Fuelled Hate - The End

So the time has come to say goodbye. Love Fuelled Hate's one year anniversary is officially over! I'll be moving onto Chapter 2 and releasing some brand new music on 10th November 2017 (pre-order it by clicking here).

Grab your limited edition copy of my Love Fuelled Hate CD here:

Love Fuelled Hate (CD)
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Feisty and fabulous electro-clash heroine Elle Exxe has unleashed her much-anticipated debut album "Love Fuelled Hate". You can buy a signed physical copy right here including an 8-page booklet with lyrics, credits and exclusive photographs.

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Or buy a copy from your favourite digital retailer by clicking here.

Here's a recap of all the blog posts I wrote to celebrate the Love Fuelled Hate anniversary.

Thanks for tuning in. 

Elle xx