Snapshot of SXSW

It's gonna take me a while to soak up and process the insanity that was SXSW. 

While I try to figure out the words, let me first say thanks to all the people who not only came to the shows, but were kind enough to share their pretty thoughts with the world: Live in Limbo (read here), Iggy/Ticketweb (read here), Glamglare (read here + here), ConcentusMusic (read here), False Advertising/Drowned In Sound.

Ok..I still haven't got my own words for I'm gonna keep it visual. First thing - I went to SXSW twice on my own before (not to perform, just to soak up the madness). For those of you who don't know - SXSW (aka South By South West) is one of the worlds biggest and most influential music industry festivals in the world focussed on new music/artists/bands (read more here). I'd wanted to be an official SXSW performer for years even venturing out solo 6 years ago (before I was of legal drinking age in the U.S. - depressing) and 3 years ago. 

6 years ago I'd hung out with Darwin Deez (listen) outside the Latitude 30 (British Music Embassy venue), 3 years ago I'd watched Slaves (watch on right) and Royal Blood (listen) in the same venue...and just over a month ago..I was the one on that British Music Embassy stage at Latitude 30 tearing the place up. Hashtag So Emotional #SOemotional. That was one for the bucket list, and so was riding a mechanical bull, and finally what was never on the bucket list but should have been: creeping into someones garden to jump in their pool in total darkness at 1am with the band..and jumping in the pool during our set at the Sheraton, that shoulda been on there. I guess growing up in Scotland you don't think of these things. Anyway, check it all out for yourselves with the photos/videos below. Thanks again to everyone that supported me on this ride.