Live Stream this Monday.

On Monday I’m embarking on a mad one, and I want you to join me. I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to spend some time in the Roland artist studio and I’ve decided to keep a camera rolling to share the experience with you LIVE. It’s not gonna be like anything I’ve ever done before 😱I'll have all the latest Roland music instruments at my fingertips and the freedom to create whatever I want in realtime. It's gonna be a mix of mindless self-indulgence where I welcome you into my electric world and a full-blown performance that my band and I have created especially for you. Tune in at 7:30pm on Monday to take-part in the live-show and if you have any questions, send them in anytime before or during the stream and I'll answer them live <3

I’m officially holding this stream on but I will try to create an embed of the stream right here on the Blog page on my website as well.


Elle x