Not long now...

Wow this has come around so fast! I can’t wait to hang with you all at The Social this Thursday (18th Oct) in London. Doors at 7pm. Swedish duo DNT RYE will be supporting and I CAN NOT WAIT to see them live - they’ve flown all the way over from Stockholm so make sure you’re there to show them some love. You’re gonna love the new music I’ve been writing! This show will be the first and last opportunity to hear the new stuff before I release it next year.

Lots of love and see you soon!

Elle xx

Support Announced for London Show!


SO HAPPY to announce Swedish duo DNT RYE will be supporting me at my final show of the year in London (at The Social) on Thursday 18th October! We spent some time in the studio in Stockholm and I knew they’d be a perfect fit for this party..but they’ve never played in London before so I need you all to turn out in force to support them and show them that they should come back more often 💖 You know it already, but my shows are super inclusive so bring new friends - they will be entertained, they will enjoy their life, they will thank you for it!

Get tickets here.


Elle x

Sneaky Snippet

Hi :-*
Those of you subscribed to my mailing-list have already enjoyed a super sneaky snippet of a little special something I've got coming out this Monday, but it's time I let the rest of you in on the secret….
THIS MONDAY (17th Sept) I'm dropping a funky disco remix of Queen made by my new pal Last Island, a fellow Scot who's been causin a storm up on the Isle of Skye. Make sure you're following me on Spotify to get notified as soon as the song lands.…
Elle x

Queen Music Video

Last month I called out for girls of all ages to get involved with my music video for my most recent single "Queen". Less than 2% of songs you hear on the radio are fully created by females, I wanted to raise awareness of this issue while trying to solve it by creating an all female track, and now it comes with a matching all female video! I had some unbelievable responses and support (names under the video below), after compiling all the stunning footage I worked with Alicja Romanowska to edit it. I'm super proud to share this video with you and massively inspired by all the incredible women who teamed up to make it happen (ENDLESS THANK YOUS TO ALL OF YOU). Make sure you follow my Vevo page on Youtube and the Vevo App, to ensure you're always notified as soon as my new videos land! Oh yeh..and the press told me this wasn't a story - so let's make it one?! Share this clip far and wide and let's make some empowering noise! 

Thank you to all the girls involved. You are all so special and inspiring to me. Nearly everyone involved is named below, some with links and descriptions to their work - please check them all out. You can be anything you want to be:

Adeola, Ali Levy (Coordinator of Publishing & Licensing at Alcon Sleeping Giant), Amanda Rose (photographer), Amy-Jane (marketing guru), Anna, April Morris (Adult Practitioner), Rebecca King (events organiser), Beth Tweddle (Britain's greatest ever female gymnast), Clare Balding (author, TV and Radio presenter), Deola Greene (mother),  Ella Chadwick (Pride of Sport Award winner), Emily Watts (singer/songwriter), Evie (lover of life), Florence (fixer) Gabby Logan (Television Presenter), Gemma Kirk, Hannah Cockroft (Gold medal winning Paralympian), Jen (in the military and a Paralympic ski team gold medalist), Jessie Tang (Music Teacher), Julia Levy (Business Student), Karolina Mottram (producer/director), PercyThinks (singer, artist, writer, podcaster), Lara (founder of BlitzFitness), Lauren Butler (dancer), Louisa Reid (TV Production Manager), Louise Golbey (singer/songwriter), Louise Sugden (Paralympic Powerlifter and wheelchair basketball player), Louise Warren, Menna, Pillars (music maker and performer), Rebecca Adlington (4 time Olympic medallist swimmer), Rebecca Henderson (blogger & PR Account Exec), Rosie, Shen (executive assistant at Adobe, wife and mother), Sue Lawton MBE (Global Expert on Women and Enterprise, co-founder of WEconnect), Suzanna Bolter (actor & dancer), Teisha Matthews (DJ, producer, model), Veronika (writer, DIY blogger & mother).

Special thank you to my all female tech team: Olga Fitzroy (mixed Queen), Katie Tavini (mastered Queen) and Alicja Romanowska (edited and colour corrected the video).

Read more on women in music stats:

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Huffington Post

Writing "Lie To Me"

Lie To Me artwork 3.7.jpg

Line of Best Fit said:

"It's a bolshy pop belter with one toe in electroclash and another in swaggering neo-soul. There's gallons of confidence in her vocals as she sings of love gone awry. Replete with jerky synth stabs, calamitous basslines and beats that tumble, "Lie To Me" is a huge song that's ready for dancefloors, and one that won't wait to be to be given permission to enter your lives, but rather storm in and force you to move."


I’m gonna stick with “Lie To Me” for a minute, it might have been the most loved single from the album so let me share the story with you.

It’s a little-known fact that I was a featured vocalist in a band called Bleach Blood back in 2015. The band was formed and fronted by lead singer/guitarist Jamie Jazz (ex The King Blues). At the time I was involved all the recordings were done by Jamie’s friend Sam Eyes.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I wrote “Lie To Me” with Sam and Jamie. I reached out to them with my song “Lost in L.A.” and a Spotify Playlist of my influences at that point and asked them if they wanted to get involved and collaborate on a song together. It goes without saying, they were down for it and we all got in a studio together.

This is the point where I should probably tell you what the inspiration behind the song was but I don’t believe in revealing song meanings, it can ruin any sincere relationship someone might have with the song..#sorrynotsorry.

But..I can tell you a fun-fact: the song was originally titled “You Don’t Matter” but I decided to change it after received one too many emails with the subject-line “YOU DON’T MATTER” (not nice).  I should really create a song titled "I love you so much", that'd make my inbox look a little more welcoming.

Lie To Me (album version)

Lie To Me (single version)

The original single mix was done by Des Lambert but the album version was by Joe Kearns and features the original extended intro (this is the way the song was before it was released as a single). At the end of the album version you hear me walking and listening to "You Said You Loved Me" (an unreleased song I wrote with the lead producer of the album Ross O'Reilly) before breaking down the door of my ex's flat (sound design by Will Tonna).

As well as producing the original version, Sam (aka EYES) went on to produce one of the remixes (video below) - it's one of my favourite remixes I've ever had made. It beautifully captures the sadness of the song and I'm always a sucker for sampled vocals...especially when it sounds like they say "You know me you c*nt, you know that you are" 😉



See you back here same time tomorrow,

Elle xx

p.s. Sam and I have been back in the studio and I've been loving it. Got some killer music coming for you soon x