Out with the old..

My brain hits "reset" and I feel refreshed and impassioned. I'm loaded up with a new sense of wonderment at all of the possibilities and opportunities that the life might have to offer. It might be corny, but what can I say, I freakin' love a New Year!

2016 was immense for me. From my first international shows (Toronto, New York, Seoul), to Great Escape, my ExXtravaganzZa's, album launch and winning "Best Female" at the UMA's - I couldn't have asked for more (see photos here)! That's not to say that bad or sad things didn't happen along the way, we all have ups and downs and we all have our struggles - but a few "bad things" don't a "bad year" make (no matter how much the world is trying to tell you 2016 was "the worst year ever"! UGH BORING - your life/your year is what you make it). Over the last few weeks I've been reflecting on the last 12 months and dissecting what I liked and what I'd do differently. At the end of it all I'm feeling enlightened and empowered. The future is looking BRIGHT!

In 10 days I'm heading to Eurosonic Noorderslaag (Netherlands) with the band, and then up to Glasgow (Scotland) to play at one of Scotland's best venues: King Tuts. Later this year I'll be performing at one of my favourite festivals SXSW in Austin (Texas, US) and Isle of Wight festival (UK). These are things I could only have dreamt of saying at the start of 2016 but your support combined with all the hours my pals Team LX and I have put in have made these dreams a reality.

So thank you! If you came to a show, Pledged towards "Love Fuelled Hate", introduced a friend to my music (or did other awesome things) - you are an ExXterminator - and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love you've given and love you right back.

L xx



The Making of: Hating On You

As we come to the end of the month we come to the end of my #TBTseries. Here's a video of the making-of "Hating On You". It's an insight to one of the more complex tracks on my album "Love Fuelled Hate" with at least 3 different producer/engineers touching it along its journey.

My album was my proudest accomplishment of 2016 - and also marked the completion of a New Years goal/resolution. I feel blessed to have heard from so many of you enjoying your CDs. It was my dream to create an album that people would listen to from start to finish in one sitting and I'm incredibly happy to hear that you guys have been doing that.

I hear way too many people "poo-poo" New Years Resolutions. They get a bad rep because so many of us don't take them seriously and fall at the first hurdle - but you'll never know what you're capable of if you don't try. Not all the likers/fans on here are what I call "ExXterminators" but a hell of a lot of you are. An ExXterminator is someone who's killing it at life. An EXXterminator is the kind of person that makes a New Years resolution and sticks to it. My dream for 2017 is to find and celebrate more of you ExXterminators - those people that kick ass and are kind and support one and other. 

I love you all and wish you the best for 2017.

L xx